This week in radio, IMRO Awards edition

Lots happens in the radio industry every week but last night was IMRO night so I’m changing up the intro.😂

Here’s how it all went down

  • Those who applied got a very nice email with a link to view the stream and with it came some small bits of handy info. Test card at 7:00pm and show start at 7:30pm. Excitement could now begin
  • The time arrived and we all had a bit of a moment when the test card didn’t show up on time, but we didn’t have long to wait and when that test card appeared you could hear an Audible sigh of relief in every radio station in the country.
  • Then show time came and any notion I had of being able to tweet live info as the event unfolded went out the window. The set was bright and colourful. It honestly looked amazing.
  • It was now time for the opening monologue which was absolutely fantastic. Radio joke after radio joke made every station CEO a bit nervous. It was really brilliant.
  • the President popped in to say hello.
  • And then just as we got to the speach from the chair of IMRO, the sound died. Everyone including us then made the same comment about sound dying at a radio event and a funny sense of pride was felt by all.
  • The super team at IMRO got things sorted quick though and after a fewspeeches we went straight into the award giving.
  • Now I can’t possibly summarise every award here but the fine people at Radio Today have done that so click here to read that.
  • We flew through the awards and sprinkled amungst them we got treated to some guest appearances and musical performances. Bosco and Gavin James were there for example. It really was great seeing such appreciation for radio.
  • And before we knew it we were coming to the end. Everyone had got there awards, Gavin James had rushed off to the Late Late show and a good time was had by all.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone involved in making last night happen.

On a personal note, I remember being about 14 or 15 and following the then PPI Awards with excitement. Now I’m 19, studying radio broadcasting and I got the pleasure of watching the event and talking about it here on Radio Land. Radio is still cool and it does still inspire so to all the radio people that read this I just want to say thank you and keep doing what your doing.

And that is the summery for this weak. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻