A happy radio story

It all started with a Reddit post. A few days ago, Someone posted in the r/Ireland subreddit asking for some help. What happened next is a story of kindness, family and the power of radio in peoples lives.

The original Reddit post ( I’m hoping someone can help me hear my mammys voice again)

This is an absolute long shot I know but I’ll cut a long story short. My mother passed away when I was 17. In 2008 Today FM ran a thingy where you text in a wish you’d love to come true. At the time my mam was very ill and needed some cheering up. At that time Paddy Casey had done a version of John Lennons ‘Woman’ so I thought it’d be nice if I could arrange for myself and Paddy to sing this to her. Fast forward a few months myself and my sister went to Dublin and went on the Ray D’Arcy show. We talked to mam and I sang with Paddy. Horribly mind you but I sang none the less. They gave me a CD of it and I had it for years and years.

My dear wife got rid of the CD player I kept it in, not knowing the CD was in it. Anyway, my daughters never met their nanny (this has just set me off and I’m bawling now) and I’d love them to hear her voice. anyway I emailed and called the radio station but no joy.

Any chance anyone would no how I could get that audio back? It’s a million to one shot but anyway I said I’d try. She told me on the recording that she loves me and it’s mean the world for me to get that love back.

Thanks in advance!

Following this post, Reddit got to work. After many comments and upvotes someone suggested getting in touch with Bauer Media. After a few days waiting we got an update from the original poster.

Update post (Got to hear Mammy’s voice again!)

Just wanted to update everyone and say a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in to help me find the mp3 of my mam from Today FM in 2008. Mad to think that stuff is kept somewhere for that long! Again, big big thanks to everyone. I can’t wait to have my daughters hear their nanny’s voice! Much love ❤️

How awesome is that? basically when the poster got in touch with Bauer, they got in touch with Chris. Chris did a bit of searching and eventually the recording was found.

Radio Land spoke to the original poster who wanted to publicly thank Chris from Bauer.

I can’t state enough how grateful I am for his help. The fact he was reaching out to me out of office hours, he really went above and beyond for me and it’s lovely to see there’s good people still out there!

u/kballs on Reddit speaking to Radio Land

Well done Chris from us at Radio Land. Well done for going that extra mile.

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