Who are we👨‍💻

Goodness your very nosy! Don’t worry though as we are too. As many radio contests say if you don’t ask, you can’t win. Anyway, who are we?

Meet David Redmond


I’m David and I’m currently a Radio Assistant at a community station in Cork. You can read more about this, and it’s impact on Radio Land here

I built this place so I would have a place to share my passion for radio. It’s small now but who knows what may become of it in the future. 

I have always loved radio and I would love to make it my career. I love everything from jingles to how people present there shows and this site is where I want to share some of that passion.

Learn more about David and see his other projects here

What is Radio Land

Radio Land is a hobby. It’s contributors don’t make any money from this and do it simply as a passion project. If this ever changes it will be made very clear but for now it’s just a side project of some radio nerds.

The idea is a radio news site that provides radio news without a lot of babble. Just quick and simple. We don’t write long detailed articles as we frankly don’t have the time but we see this as an advantage as it means you get to see the news in a matter of seconds.