This Week In Radio 6/11/2021

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

Tuathla Lucey has taken over hosting The Zone on LMFM. Tuathla has worked at stations such as Red FM, 96FM and spin south west in the past.

I am beyond thrilled to be the new presenter for The Zone on LMFM. Excited to get to know the North East listeners, work with an incredible and talented team and make my mark on the show.

Tuathla Lucey speaking to Radio Land
Tuathla standing with an LMFM style Blue background
New host of The Zone on LMFM Tuathla Lucey

Very best of luck to Tuathla from us at Radio Land and a reminder that you can listen to LMFM on our listen page.

Get the details here

Have you been defamed by RTÉ? Wel you could be entitled to some compensation. Not accounting for insurance refunds, RTÉ has paid €10.4 million in defamation costs since 2010. This info was revealed in a letter to the public accounts committee which also heard updates this week around the classification issues around RTE’s staff and contractors.

There’s a lot of information getting tossed about here and we’re not going to fit it all in a summary but feel free to read the linked article as it explains everything very well.

Read everything here

Usually on Radio Land we cover stuff that happens in the radio industry, but sometimes the stuff that doesn’t happen is just as interesting. A satire Twitter account claimed this week that Eamon Ryan asked radio stations not to play the Christmas classic Driving home for Christmas, the justification for this request was said to be the song glamorising car use.

Before long the claim gets taken out of context and it starts to spread around Facebook where people actually start to believe the story. It takes statements from the Green Party and a fact check from the journal to confirm that this was nothing more than a joke.

So in short, let’s be very clear here. Radio stations can play driving home for Christmas if they want to and Eamon Ryan never asked stations not to play it.

Read the briliant fact check from The Journal here

Listen to the song here so you can feel Liberated

Quick Bits

The death has been announced of broadcaster Simon Young

Theres a new boss at Lyric FM

There’s €5,000 up for grabs in the PJ O’Connor radio drama contest

Troy, David and Molly from RTÉ planted 10 new indigenous trees on the RTÉ campus last week, this was done with help from the team at Bugs Bees and Native Trees

alter ego of 98fm DJ Karl Dawson , Dame Stuffy, is taking part in RTE’s last singer standing tonight

Louise McSharry says she’s gutted that she didn’t get to host her final 2FM show

Today FM are taking to the road with their Campervan of Christmas cheer

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.