This week in Radio 24/9/2022 (no accepting cookies on the radio)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s What Happened

Radio centre  logo

Radiocentre Ireland are running a new ad campaign to tell people about the effectiveness of radio ads.

The ad campaign will of course be heard on radio, but it will also be seen and heard on digital platforms, social media and on outdoor advertising billboards.

The ads all attempt to highlight the advantages of radio when compared to other advertising methods, in particular targeting tech companies.

One ad is interrupted by a voice asking someone to allow cookies, and another speaks about how radio is the original influencer with over 3.6 million real followers.

It’s interesting to see Radiocentre using one type of advertising to promote another type of advertising, but it might just work. We’ll need to wait and see.

“If radio was invented as a new piece of technology today, we would all be in awe of its reach, engagement, and ad effectiveness,”

Ciaran Cunningham, CEO of Radiocentre Ireland

Read the story here

Freedom fm studio
Check out the Freedom FM studio. That’s a lot of lights!

Freedom FM are back on the FM band with another 30 day licence from the BAI.

This time they have 8 transmitters up and running covering many areas of the country. You can see the stations broadcast areas and frequencies on the map below.

Freedom FM broadcast area map. The stations frequencies are in text below

It’s interesting to see them going on the FM band two years in a row. As the likes of Christmas FM have shown a temporary licence like this can be very effective, so who knows what the future has in store for the station.

Best of luck to all involved from us here at Radio Land.


Cork City: 106.7 FM
Limerick City: 105.5 FM
Galway City: 87.9 FM
Kildare County: 88.1 FM
Wicklow County: 99.5 FM
North Cork County: 87.7 FM
Wexford/South East: 103.8 FM

Read the story here

We spoke to Freedom FMs founder last year so you can read that here

2FM’s Tara Kumar

Finally this week, Tara Kumar has announced she’s leaving 2FM in order to focus on her career in London.

Tara announced the move on Instagram where she spoke about how music was her first love. She had presented 2FM’s new music show Sunday to Thursdays on the station, so that slot is now up for grabs.

It will be interesting to see who takes over on 2FM, with an announcement reportedly set to be made about this in the next few weeks.

“We are very sad Tara is leaving 2FM and yet very excited for her as she makes her way in London. Tara’s show on 2FM was a must-listen for anyone curious about new and good music. Tara is a taste-maker and will fly wherever she is.”

Head of RTÉ 2FM, Dan Healy

Very best of luck Tara from us at Radio Land

Read the story here

Quick Bits

The BAI have announced new Sound and Vision rounds

Over 100 people from across the broadcast industry took part in a climate literacy course this week

RTE received 9 complaints around the LiveLine Dublin Pride incident

The winners were announced at the Irish Podcast Awards

The Independent had a review of Off The Ball this week

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This Week In Radio 17/9/2022 (I’m not your radio station, please stop texting me, I beg you!)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

IMRO awards logo

The IMRO Awards hall Of Fame inductees were announced at a ceremony this week. So, who was honoured at the event?

  • Morning Ireland presenter Rachael English. Rachael spoke about how she had been fascinated by the medium since she got her first radio when she was 10. She also thanked the Morning Ireland team as well as the listeners.
  • Galway Bay FM presenter and former CEO Keith Finnegan. Keith served as the CEO of Galway Bay FM for 33 years, as well as presenting the stations current affairs show for 3 hours a day. He stepped down as CEO in summer 2022 but continues to host shows on the station.
  • The late Midlands103 boss Albert Fitzgerald. Albert had roles at many stations, starting his work at corks ERI. His main work in ireland saw him lead Midlands103 through the economic downturn by launching innovative advertiseing services, such as an online store. Something more stations have replicated since. He sadly passed away in August 2022.

Congratulations to all the new Hall of Fame members. It really is fantastic that we have such talent in the industry.

Read more details from Radio Today

The Cork’s Red FM 7:45 secret sound has been won.

The current sound had been in play for 38 weeks, before it was finally guessed by Chloe Dunne this week. It turns out the sound was of a fuel pump being placed back in its holder.

The secret sound has been running in cork for many years, starting on wireless group station 96FM. The 96FM version had a prize that increased for each day the sound stayed in play. In 2017 96FM put the competition on pause, but Red FM stole the format the following week before 96FM could restart.

Originally when Red FM took the format they ditched the increasing prize and instead guaranteed €5,000. They called it “Cork’s €5,000 secret sound”, using the guaranteed prize as a selling point.

That guaranteed prize is now no more though, and Red FM use a carbon copy of the 96FM Format. That’s why Chloe won €4,500 after 38 weeks, and why the competition is now called the “7:45 Secret Sound”, named after the time, not the money.

What’s your favourite radio competition format? Is it the secret sound/what’s that noise, that simple 60 second quiz. the fugitive/ the hunt/ secret Santa? Go vote on our insta story now.

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Hear the sound here

Finally this week, imagine having a phone number so close to a radio stations that you end up getting music requests multiple times a day. Well, it turns out that one poor woman has been receiving messages for FM104 for years now.

@travelwithaine on TikTok has spoken about some of the texts and voice notes she’s received over the years, including one voice note where someone was explaining why they think they should win westlife tickets.

They explained in their voice note that their dad had been murdered, and they played you raise Me Up at his funeral. They then sent on news screenshots to prove it. Once they were made aware of the fact that they had sent to the wrong number they apparently seemed embarrassed and deleted everything.

What a crazy story, it would make you wonder how many people receive texts as a result of having numbers similar to those used by stations, or even old decommissioned station numbers.

So remember folks, check the number twice before you send that talk show your deepest secrets. You do not want to mess that up.

Watch the story time video here

Quick Bits

A couple who had their first date on Today FM have got married🎉congratulations🍷

RTE broadcaster Oliver Callan has a new comedy show on BBC Sounds

A load of ad teams had some fun playing softball this week

There’s a new commercial and operations director at Wireless Group

RTE have announced their plans to cover the ploughing championships

Michael Byrne has joined the board of WLR

RTE have insisted that the new sponsor of Claire Byrne’s show will have no influence on show content

Radiocentre Ireland are launching an audio course

Jennifer Zamparelli from 2FM has opened a Hair Salon

The Great Pink Run have announced Today FM as media partners

Bonus Stuff

This week we released our first ever video content. Check out our review of the new RTÉ Radio Player below and let us know what you think.

That’s it

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This Week in Radio 10/9/2022 (look who’s got a fancy new studio)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s What Happened

A picture of the new WLR studio

WLR in Waterford have started using an all new studio. The redesigned studio uses the latest equipment, and appears to be loaded with LED’s for visual radio capability.

The studio looks a bit like the LBC studios in London, just much smaller. It’s futuristic look will likely work well for social media videos, something that’s required more and more in radio these days.

Another photo of the new WLR studio. It’s got a lot of LED lights, mixed with some natural lighting
Very modern look for the new studio
Photo of the LBC studio for reference
LBC are Similar but seem to be a bit bigger
Photo of the WLR studio, with 3 seats for guests
Plenty of room for guests too

Two out of the six studios are now up and running, and WLR plan to complete the project early next year.

It’s great to see stations investing heavily in infrastructure that can help them compete in the digital world. hopefully these new studios serve WLR well over the next few years.

You can see a video of the new studio here

Read about the new studio here

RTE presenter Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh has withdrawn a sexual harassment case that she had taken at the Workplace Relations Commission against the broadcaster.

The case was reportedly related to an incident in July 2019, but Ní Chofaigh has now said in a statement read by her barrister that she “withdraws her allegation of discrimination by the respondent”.

Bláthnaid’s barrister Claire Bruton said “The parties confirm they are both satisfied to have reached agreement to draw a line in the sand and move on from these matters in light of their ongoing working relationship,”

No compensation was paid arising out of the incident, and Ní Chofaigh, again speaking through her barrister, said she “accepts the outcome of the RTÉ investigation processes in respect of all matters,”

The WRC had previously told the press not to report names of those alleged to be involved, following a request from RTÉ.

You can read the story here

Finally this week, it’s time to talk about the freedom of the press.

You might remember us covering a story previously about Wexford county council threatening to pull advertising from South East Radio. We actually covered it quite a bit, as the story had more twists and turns than a Fair City storyline. Well now it’s emerged that these kinds of pressures might not be isolated just to Wexford.

Transparency International Ireland (TI Ireland, have recommended that the government create a clear code of practice on council advertising, after a survey of local radio stations and print publications led to journalists saying that they had experienced threats to ad revenue if they were seen to be critical of certain local authorities.

I’d highly recommend reading the article linked below on the findings of the survey, the sample size does seem small, but the findings are fascinating.

It will be interesting to see if the government respond to the suggestion of a code of practice, but we’ll just need to wait and see.

Do you think this is a good idea? Go vote on our Instagram story now.

Read the story here

Quick Bits

The RTÉ Radio Player app redesign we reported on previously has now been released

Beat 102 103 and WLR FM have a new CFO

RnaG have a new schedual

Beat have also got an updated weekday lineup

A former independant councillor has spoken about his song getting played on radio

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This Week in Radio 3/9/2022 (Awards, Climate and cash)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s What Happened

IMRO awards logo

This years IMRO nominations were announced this week, and we got confirmation on some of the event details.

The event is returning to the Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny, and will take place on Friday the 7th of October. Dermot Whelan will be back on hosting duties, as 41 award winners are announced.

The event hashtag was trending throughout the day on Tuesday as people celebrated their award nominations and congratulated each other. It’s clear that people are all looking forward to the event next month.

The hall of fame inductees will be revealed in a separate event on the 13th of September, so we’ll have loads of IMRO Awards news over the next while here on Radio Land.

Congratulations to everyone who made the shortlist, and for those who didn’t just keep at it. For the list of nominations check out the link below.

Check out all the details here

An Uplift petition calling for radio stations to stop giving a voice to climate change deniers has gained nearly 500 signatures.

The petition, started by Angela Deegan is to be sent to RTÉ, Newstalk, Today FM and Radio Nova. It argues that ”It is unacceptable and dangerous at this stage of the scientific understanding of the climate emergency to indulge climate deniers”.

The petition has a target of 500 signatures and looks to be on its way to reaching that goal.

It’s an interesting argument as on one hand you can argue (as the petition does) that giving a voice to so called climate deniers is dangerous, while on the other hand some might argue that banning a specific view from radio is equally dangerous and a slippery slope.

RTE have publicly spoken in the past about criticism of their climate change coverage so this is far from a new conversation, but it’s one that’s become more common in recent months following the unusually warm weather Ireland experienced during the summer.

The petition is linked below so feel free to sign if you wish, it will be interesting to see if any stations want to respond to the criticism over the coming days.

Read or sign the petition here

RTEs statement on climate change can be found here

Finally this week, the Bauer cash machine has given away its biggest ever prize of €78,106.97.

The cash machine which airs across Bauer’s network of radio stations requires people to send a premium rate text to enter, and if they call you back you must answer within 5 rings, and give the exact cash amount down to the cent.

Leigh Gamell was the latest winner to win big, he spoke about his win, explaining how he worried the next morning that it had all been a dream.

“two minutes before I was talking to the wife and said wouldn’t it be some great craic to win that, and I literally got the phone call after that.”

Leigh Gamell speaking to Ed and Valerie on Spin south Wests Fully Charged

Congratulations Leigh from us at Radio Land. Hope you enjoy the winnings.

Read the story here, keep in mind that this is a networked competition and isn’t only on Spin South West. Radio Today didn’t mention that in this article

Quick Bits

RTE is looking for its next head of news and current affairs

The Spinnies from Spin 1038 had a look around the radio studios at ⁨Coláiste Dhúlaigh⁩ this week

Beat 102 103 has launched its Solas School for Life campaign to get young people to #GoOrangeForSolas

Today FM’s sound garden lineup has been announced

Qradio’s spin to win has had another £10,000 winner

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This Week In Radio 27/8/2022 (still going strong)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s What Happened

Dermot and Dave in the Today FM studio

Today FM presenters Dermot and Dave this week celebrated 20 years hosting together.

Dermot Whelan and Dave Moore had a special show to celebrate the occasion, with a number of celebrity guests making an appearance. Bono even sent the lads a card to say congratulations on the achievement.

“Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! We are beyond proud to be celebrating such a landmark achievement for us of 20 whole years on Irish radio. It’s hard to put into words just how much we’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but I think we can both say that it’s been a dream to work alongside a best friend for so many years!”

Dermot and Dave speaking about being on air together for 20 years

203,000 people tune into Dermot and Dave on Today FM, so it seems the lads have really continued maintaining high numbers even after 20 years.

Congratulations on the milestone from us here at Radio Land, a fantastic achievement.

Read the story here

RTE launched their new season of programming across TV and Radio this week, but they also took the opportunity to highlight funding issues at the broadcaster.

The majority of programming announcements centred around television, with new drama’s like North Sea Connection and Clean Sweep being the centre piece’s. The expensive nature of this content led into Director General Dee Forbes speaking about how essential funding stability was.

Speaking to RTÉ News, Dee said that it was a day to celebrate Irish culture and programming, but she added that stable funding for the broadcaster is needed to ensure that more days like this will be held in the future.

It will be interesting to see if RTÉ gets a boost in funding in the budget, and if this boost will meet the recommendations of The Future of Media Commission.

Read all the details about RTE’s new season launch here

Finally this week, FM104 is going through some changes, and they’ve only gone and hired Graham and Nathan from spin.

Graham and Nathan left the Fully Charged Breakfast show on Spin 1038 back in June, but are now going taking over drive time on FM104. This means the lads now work for Wireless Group instead of Bauer,

“We are unbelievably excited to be starting our new 104 DRIVE show soon on FM104. Not just because we are joining a station with such heritage, but also because breakfast radio has aged us terribly over the last 5 years – so much so our parents hardly recognise us! We will bring the same energy to this new show as we did to breakfast, and offer something a little bit different for the Dublin drivetime. As for what prizes we’ll be giving away, that’s up for debate. It could range from a car to a melted Snickers bar, the unpredictability is what makes it exciting. Chat to you again very soon.”

Graham and Nathan speaking about their new show

We recently reported on Emma, Dave and Aisling taking over the Spin 1038 breakfast slot, you can read about that here.

Between the ever popular Strawberry Alarm Clock and this all new Drive Time show, FM104 looks like they have a really strong schedule on their hands. it will be interesting to see how the station does in JNLR books over the next while.

Read the story here

Quick Bits

Dan Healy has spoke in detail about the recent changes at 2FM

Tickets went on sale this week for the Irish Podcast Awards

Red FM breakfast presenter Laura O’Mahony has spoke about body positivity and banning tiredness

An article in the Business post has called for VAT to be waved for media organisations, it has since been retweeted by the IBI

2FM presenter Carl Mullan spoke this week about how he was giving up on his radio dream before getting the 2FM Breakfast gig

The Belly of the beast, a Goloud podcast that received €20,000 in funding was published this week

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.