This week in radio 15/10/2022 (a crazy week for RTÉ)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

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An interview with Shane Ross caused controversy this week, and it didn’t even air. In fact, it caused controversy for that very reason.

The interview in question was about a book Shane had written on Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald. It was recorded, and apparently legally reviewed, but RTÉ then took the decision not to air it.

This resulted in controversy with the Taoiseach even asking RTÉ to clarify why the interview never aired. Many in government felt that RTÉ was showing a lack of transparency on how they made editorial decisions.

There were sub controversies too, with the Taoiseach admitting he got it wrong when he said that Sinn Fein had access to the interview. And Shane Ross obviously commented on the matter in his newspaper column. Ultimately though, what matters is, what are the outcomes of this incident?

RTE, Virgin Media, and the BAI have been invited to speak to the Committee on Tourism, Culture, Arts, Sport and Media to answer questions about the independence of the media, and how editorial decisions get made. As for what might be said at this meeting we’ll need to wait and see.

This whole story has been huge and I’m unfortunately not going to be able to cover all aspects of it, so I’d encourage you to check out the links below for more details.

RTÉ coverage

The Independant Coverage

A former RTÉ newsreader has dropped his unfair dismissal case against the broadcaster.

Noel Fogarty made the decision after texts that he had sent to a colleague were read in court. Fogarty had accepted that the texts were inappropriate.

Fogarty had said that he had consumed alcohol when the texts were sent, and he had told an internal RTÉ investigation about the circumstances around this, Such as how he had become dependent on alcohol during lockdown.

“Unlike others I’ve had no escape from the solitude of lockdown. I was reluctant to reveal my dependency due to the stigma of substance abuse, particularly in the workplace. I do admit overstepping and accept my message was completely inappropriate,”

Noel Fogarty speaking to an RTÉ investigation

RTE have done a good job covering this story, so for more details you can check out the link below.

Read the story here

2FM Logo

Let’s have a more positive story. 2FM are taking rising on the road.

2FM rising is an initiative the station run in partnership with IMRO, designed to give a boost to new talent in the Irish music industry. RTE have decided to hit the road with the initiative for the first time, by holding events in venues across the country.

Events will take place in Limerick, Dublin & Sligo, and tickets will be priced at just €2. Rather than RTÉ keeping the money earned by the events, it will instead be donated to Minding Creative Minds, a mental health non profit that focuses on those in the creative sector.

This really seems to be a win for everyone. RTE get the 2FM brand out there, artists get a chance to perform, and a non profit benefits too. It’s really great to see events like this taking place once again.

Read the story here

Bonus Story

Let’s take a quick look at one non RTÉ story.

FM104 are launching a major ad campaign to promote the launch of the new drive time show with Graham and Nathan.

The ads will run outdoors, online through websites including the Sun and The journal, as well as through social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Graham and Nathan moved from Spin 1038 Breakfast earlier in the year to take up the new slot at FM104.

It will be interesting to see if large marketing campaigns like this will give the show a JNLR boost in the next few books.

Read the full story here

Quick Bits

Lyric FM have announced new shows

Bosses at Live 95 made presentations to Limerick politicians

The Radio 1 Folk awards are back for another year

FM104’s Ben Murray is joining Bauer

The Writeing showcase returns to Radio 1 tomorrow

Broadcaster Val Joyce has passed away, may he rest in peace

Today FM has a new managing editor


If you’ve been impacted by matters raised in this weeks Radio Land, support can be found here

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