This Week In Radio 23/4/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

The More music Ireland logo

More Music Ireland went off air last night, after the station failed to reach commercial viability. More Music Ireland was an internet station, but it was one of Irelands first serious attempts at moving internet radio forward.

Now that the product has been created, the next natural step is to make MoreMusic Ireland financially viable. This requires a fairly large amount of money to create a high profile, sustained, promotion and marketing campaign. Without going into detail, the backing for a push like this just does not seem to be there.

Mike Moloney,, station Owner, on the stations Facebook page

This wasn’t just another bedroom station, this was a good attempt at trying to build a business in internet radio, an attempt that simply didn’t take hold this time around.

Unfortunately the Irish Audience just isn’t ready for internet radio yet, and Mike is right. Solving that problem takes money. I do think the future of radio is online, we’re just not quite at that point yet.

It’s going to take attempts like More Music Ireland to move this space forward, but it’s not going to be easy. We also need the likes of RTÉ to keep up the fight with RTÉ Gold, even if it isn’t going to turn a profit for the next while.

I was watching Line OF Duty during the week and there was a really interesting and relevant quote, “sometimes you don’t lose, you just run out of time”. That perfectly sums up this story really, it’s just going to take time for Internet to truely take on FM.

Well done to the team at More Music Ireland, you might not have cracked it this time, but you can all be proud of a very respectable attempt.

Read the full Facebook post here

2 FM are looking for a sponsor for entertainment news, so let’s take a look at the costs, and what your getting.

The entertainment news airs each hour between 9AM and 4PM, so while your not really hitting breakfast or drive time, you are getting a nice chunk of the day.

As far as audience goes, the entertainment news airs across 3 shows.

  • Jennifer Zamparelli (141,000 listeners last JNLR)
  • Tracy Clifford (129,000 listeners last JNLR)
  • The 2 Johnnies (nobody really knows yet how many people are listening as the show only started last month)

So, here’s the costs

  • €40,000 for 3 months. That’s €13,333 per month
  • you can spend €70,000 for 6 months which brings your per month cost down to €11,666
  • And if your looking to go long term with a 12 month deal, that will set you back €120,000, a perfectly even €10,000 per month

I find it fascinating to look at costs like this as it gives you something interesting to compare. Unfortunately RTÉ Media Sales are one of the only sales teams to post this sort of stuff on the internet for nerds like me to look at, but I do hope that in future stations will be more open about their sponsorship opportunities.

Virgin Media Television have recently started publishing sponsorship prices again after taking a multi year break, so I hope some on the radio side follow suit.

Check out the details here

The IMRO Radio Awards Logo

Finally this week, the IMRO awards are back as an in person event. That’s right, the radio industry are heading back to the Lyrath once again for the wildest night in the radio year.

The event takes place on Friday the 7th of October and stations can submit audio now.

Obviously not as many people will be able to attend the in person event as did online, so this raises the question, should the event go hybrid and stream the awards online as well as in person? On one hand, more people would be able to attend, but on the other hand, the argument could be made that what happens in the Lyrath must stay in the Lyrath for the love of all things good. You can cast your vote over on our Instagram now.

Read the story from Radio Today

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Quick Bits

Here is our Twitter review of the new Midlands 103 breakfast show

The story of the Italian inventer that helped launch Vatican Radio, and his deep links to ireland

2FM Breakfast host Carl Mullan got married this week, Congratulations🎉

Nicky Byrne has spoken about putting his radio career on hold

The owner of Midlands 103 has passed away

Midwest Radio are holding a celebration of poetry to mark poetry day 2022

A tv programme celebrating 50 years of RTÉ RnaG airs tonight on RTÉ One TV

David Coverdale is hosting a 3 part series on Radio Nova

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.