This Week In Radio 25/6/2022 (the brown sauce is free)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s What Happened

Red FM logo but on a brown background

Corks Red FM ended up in the spotlight this week, and it was all over some brown sauce.

Before we begin I just want to clarify that our version of events is based on the story as told by the pub. At time of writing we don’t have other responses, but it’s always good to take these things with a pinch of salt….. i mean….. a squirt of brown sauce.

The story goes that a customer went into Gallaghers Pub in Cork, at which point a new member of staff made an error. They charged the customer €1.50 for some brown sauce, which is actually supposed to be free. ‬⁩The €1.50 is the price for the relishes.

As soon as the pub realised their mistake, they contacted the customer. They apparently offered him a free sandwich on his next visit as an apology. The customer then said that he had a pub himself, he understood that these things happen, and it seems the whole thing was sorted.

But it wasn’t over. The customer sent the receipt to Red FM who posted it on social media, without providing the context above. The pub understandably got ripped to shreds for charging for brown sauce and this resulted in the new member of staff who made the error becoming upset.

Who knew brown sauce could cause so much drama.

So here’s the question, should the radio station contact the pub to ask about the situation before posting, or should the image of a receipt be enough. Red FM got some criticism on social media as a result of this, so I’m interested to see what you think.

On the one hand reaching out is clearly a better option, but on the other it takes a lot of time and resources to check every little post. So, what you think?

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Twitter thread from the pub is here

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Wireless Group have launched a new radio station as a collaboration with a number of LGBTQ+ organisations. The station, known as Pride Vibes, is available on the apps of all the existing Wireless Group broadcasters, and on

The station is sponsored by Voltarol, and has BeLonG To on board as charity partner. The station has live presenters, good quality production elements, and basically everything you’d expect from a good quality internet station.

The stations launch comes just over a week after the falling out between RTÉ and Dublin Pride. It seems that pride organisations are taking much more of an active involvement in their media strategy now, but that’s just speculation really.

For now we have a new high quality internet station on air, what the future holds as far as LGBTQ+ media relations goes is anyones guess though.

Visit the station website here

Read last weeks Radio Land post where we covered the RTÉ Dublin Pride situation here

Finally this week, RTEs head of news and current affairs is stepping down from his role. Jon Williams will leave RTÉ at the end of July, when the current season of the Six One news ends on RTÉ Television.

This will probably result in some changes over the next while as Jon’s replacement makes his or her mark, but it’s really impossible to predict what the future holds for RTÉ News. My only hope is that Jon’s successor continues to produce content with high standards of journalism, and continues to push forward on the digital front.

“In 2017, we faced significant challenges and set out to future-proof RTÉ News & Current Affairs, identifying three editorial priorities: to become a genuinely ‘digital-first’ news organisation; to deliver more regional content; and to work more closely as ‘one News and Current Affairs’ division. Fast forward five years, and last week’s Reuters Digital News Report demonstrated that, today, not only is RTÉ the most trusted news source in Ireland, but RTÉ News is also the clear market leader online, while cementing its place as the number one choice on radio and TV.. We’ve gained new, younger audiences by creating and curating different types of content for social platforms. We’ve strengthened our weekend evening bulletins – frequently the most watched of any RTÉ programmes – with an increased presence outside Dublin. And whether it’s RTÉ Investigates, our recent deployment to Ukraine and the work on climate change, today the newsroom and current affairs are working more closely together than ever. RTÉ News & Current Affairs was Ireland’s lifeline during the pandemic, with our trusted team providing the antidote to the fake news of anti-vaxers. We brought innovation to our coverage of the 2020 General Election. Our reporting of Brexit continues to be indispensable to many, not just in Ireland but across Europe – and in Britain too. We were on the ground as Russian troops crossed into Ukraine, reporting on the humanitarian crisis there, and here. Ní hamháin i mBéarla ach i nGaeilge freisin, rud a léirionn an rói tablachtach a bhíonn ag foireann Baile na hAbhann gach lá, ag bailiú nuachta i mBéarla agus i nGaeilge. RTÉ News is the first Irish news organisation to be independently audited as part of the Journalism Trust Initiative and awarded the European standard for trusted journalism. And we’ve worked with the NUJ, and others to ensure that RTÉ’s journalists are safer as they go about their work – whether the threat is online or outside. We’re in the process of doubling RTÉ’s footprint overseas and we’ve begun to become a more diverse news organisation, on air and off. I’m proud that the Six One News was the first news programme in Ireland to be presented by two women – only broken-hearted that Keelin didn’t get longer to enjoy her success. Nine years after I left London for New York and then Ireland, it’s time to go home. I chose to stay in Dublin during the pandemic, alone and unable to see those I love for long periods of time. I don’t mind admitting that I found that hard – and like so many others, it forced me to reassess my priorities and to prize family. I’m grateful to so many people in the field, in the control room, in Dublin, across Ireland and beyond. The truth matters. Ireland is a better place for RTÉ. We stand on the shoulders of giants and to have had the opportunity to lead RTÉ News and Current Affairs has been the greatest privilege. I’m proud – and grateful beyond measure – for all that we have achieved together. I know RTÉ News and Current Affairs will continue to do great work. And know that I will be cheering you on from afar.”

Jon’s note to staff announcing his departure from RTÉ

Best wishes for the future Jon from us at Radio Land

Read the RTÉ press release here

Quick Bits

Dermot And Dave on Today FM has a new sponsorship deal with Indeed

The death was announced of former RTÉ journalist Liam Cahill, may he rest in peace

GoLoud has launched a new podcast, Around The World in 80 Gays. No that’s not a typo

Suzanne Kelly on Why Public Media Matters

The Law Society of Ireland has spoken about the need for timely, accurate journalism

RTEs Online services including all radio streams went offline for a time this week. Funny to think of poor will Leahy talking to himself on RTE Gold

QRadio Belfast has a new spin to win game

A body was found on the grounds of RTÉ this week

Graham and Nathan

I know we said last week we’d look more at the lad’s leaving Spin this week, but basically there’s nothing to report.

That’s it

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.