This Week In Radio 5/11/2022 (sponsorships and fireworks)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what Happened

An RTÉ promotional image promoting the sponsorship opportunity for 7 day sport

It’s the biggest sports sponsorship in Irish radio, and it’s now up for grabs. For the first time in 6 years, RTÉ are looking for a new sponsor for sports update on Radio 1.

The sponsorship has a 12 month rate card value of €1,340,625, so it’s clear that the brand who’s sponsoring the sport will need some cash to get the deal. How much is RTÉ looking for you might ask? Well, here’s how much it all costs.

  • If you want the sponsorship for 3 months, that will set you back a cool €110,000.
  • If you want to go up to 6 months, you’ll need €180,000 in the bank to do so
  • What if you want the whole year though? Every scrum, every tackle, every kick, every punch. That will be costing you a massive €300,000. That’s no small chunk of change.

It’s crazy to think how much money is involved in these deals, but at the same time a deal this large can instantly turn a brand into a household name. For many brands that’s a priceless oppertunity.

It will be interesting to see who takes over as sponsor, but we won’t need to wait long. The current deal ends in January 2023, so we’ll know soon enough.

Read the details here

Aviva insurance logo

While RTÉ is looking for a sponsor, Newstalk is after securing a new 12 month deal for the Pat Kenny Show.

Aviva insurance has come on board as the shows new sponsor, with a 12 month deal brokered by Core. The deal includes in show stings, but it also gives Avviva promotion through Social Media and digital display advertising.

The value of the deal isn’t known, but considering that Pat Kenny has 184,000 listeners according to the most recent JNLR numbers it’s safe to assume this will bring a nice boost forNewstalk.

“It is great to be partnering with such a premium brand as Aviva. It is a natural fit for Newstalk, and The Pat Kenny Show and we are delighted to work with Declan and the Aviva team on delivering strong success with this sponsorship,”

Patricia Monahan, managing editor at Newstalk

Deals like this show that the Irish radio industry is still moving along nicely. Hopefully we see more brands embrace the medium of radio over the next few months.

Read the story here

Cork’s Red FM logo

Finally this week, Corks Red FM created some controversy on social media after posting an uncensored picture of a deceased dog.

The image had been sent to the station by a listener, who says the dog died as a result of being frightened by Fireworks. RedFM posted the picture in a Facebook post along with the story as told by the listener.

The image has since been removed, with just the text from the post remaining.



“Dear Neil, I was listening to that man Con today talking about that Bijon Friese who bolted because of the fireworks.

Well, my 14-year-old collie Misty was terrified last night, so we brought her into the living room. She was jumping from the chairs to try to get out of the window and knocked the TV over. So I decided, reluctantly, to put her out in the back garden with the other dogs who were not afraid of the fireworks, hoping that they would calm her down.

This is how I found her this morning, frightened to death.

“I really wish people would think twice before setting off fireworks, I’m having to bury my poor Misty, after 14 happy years.”

Call: 0818 104 106
Text/WhatsApp: 086 8 104 106

Facebook post from Cork’s Red FM

The responses to this really had 3 categories. One group saw the advantages of the post as it was raising awareness, another were critical of the dog owners actions, and others were critical of Red FM for posting the graphic picture.

Red FM haven’t responded to a request for comment at time of writing.

How do you feel on this issue? Do you think Red FM were right to post the uncensored image to raise awareness? Or was posting it inappropriate? Go vote on our Instagram story now to have your say.

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Check out Red FM’s Facebook post here

Quick Bits

Dave Fanning has criticised RTÉ for retiring staff at 65, he calls it rediculas

RadioCentre Ireland have published new numbers on revenue in the radio industry

The Crappy Quiz has a new host

The shortlist has been announced for the radio 1 folk awards

Rte radio documentary #JusticeForNoor has been nominated for a rose door award

10 newly qualified journalists have got job placements in the radio industry

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.