This Week In Radio 3/12/2022 (are you ready for some Gaeilge)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

Irish flag

The BAI have announced that they have allocated €2million in the latest round of the sound and vision scheme.

This round of the scheme was specifically for productions in the Irish language, so all of these projects are either fully in Gaeilge or are bilingual, meaning 30% or more of the show is in the Irish language.

Out of the 15 projects to receive funding, 10 were radio projects. Here’s a sample of some of the shows we can expect on radio in the next while.

  • SIad Féin is a radio drama for RTÉ JR Radio, and will also be aired on RnaG. The story is based in the West of Ireland where a group of tweens unleash an ancient evil. The show will apparently be filled with SFX and spectacular foley, so it should be a great listen. If the recent RTÉ JR radio dramas are anything to go by this should be really good. It’s been allocated €20,206 for 8 episodes
  • Clár sa Charr is a project airing on 11 commercial radio stations, focusing on the conversations between parents and their kids in the car. It’s all being managed by the IBI, with a funding recommendation of €111,000 for 105 6 minute inserts.
  • Béaloideas/Folklore is a 20 part series for Athlone FM exploring how stories are translated. Well known and lesser known stories will be translated by local Irish speakers and a member of the traveler community, and they’ll then be read by local school children. This project has been awarded €15,000

It will be interesting to see how these projects come together over the next while. As always it’s great to see quality public service content getting funded in this way.

Check out all the projects that got funding here

2FM Logo

2FM rising is looking for a 2023 sponsor.

Rising is a 2FM initiative where 10 up and coming Irish artists are supported with airplay and opportunities to try give them a boost in their career. many of those who have been a part of rising in recent years are now household names, so the initiative can be very effective.

2FM are now looking for a sponsor for Rising 2023, so here’s what’s up for grabs.

  • 4 Tagged Rising tracks per day for 48 weeks
  • 14 Station promos per week for 48 weeks
  • 20 promo blasts per year
  • 10 Instagram mini artist bio videos
  • 10 On air interviews with presenter, one per artist
  • 10 Long form interviews for podcast, one per artist
  • Studio 8 Recording Session with each artist with the sponsors logo on the video

All this can be yours for a cost of €100,000. It would be a perfect deal for some brand who wants to be seen supporting local Irish music.

It will be interesting to see who gets this sponsorship, but hopefully we won’t need to wait much longer. 2023 is getting closer.

Read the story here

Christmas FM Logo

Finally this week, Irelands Christmas station made a return to the airwaves. Christmas FM returned as expected on the 28th of November to help bring us all a bit closer to Christmas

In a change for 2023, Christmas FM have taken a page out of RTE’s book and copied the toy show appeal. Instead of having one charity partner the Community Foundation For Ireland will distribute funds between a number of charities across ireland.

The very best of luck to everyone at Christmas FM over the next while, hopefully the fundraiser will be a big success.

Listen to the station here

Donate online here

Quick Bits

Dermot and Dave are going on a Christmas road trip

Lorcan Murray is looking for a sponsor for the Classic Drive on Lyric FM

Radio Kerry has joined the online Christmas station club

Dates have been announced for RadioDays Ireland 2023

There are protests in Northern Ireland after the BBC decision to cut costs at Radio Foyle

A radio presenter from New Zealand has been exploring her irish heritage

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.