This Week In Radio 14/1/2023 (have you heard the ads?)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s What Happened

Irish RadioPlayer Logo

RadioCentre Ireland have launched a new ad campaign to promote the RadioPlayer App. the ad is the first of many for Radio Centre in 2023, with the campaign being developed by agency Boys + Girls.

The ad itself was created by audio design company folding waves, and is basically made up of audio clips from different radio stations, that when edited together can describe the RadioPlayer app. It’s all edited nicely as if someone was flicking through radio stations on the FM band.

It’s interesting to see the industry promoting RadioPlayer now when most of the main companies have already built their own audio platforms, but I guess anything that pushes radios digital transition forward is a good thing.

What do you think of the Irish RadioPlayer? Have you ever used it? Let us know on our Instagram story now.

Read the story and hear the ad here

2FM sponsorship poster

RTE are trying to find a new sponsor for Drivetime time checks. So let’s take a look at what you get and how much it costs.

The spots air 6 times a day, informing the listener of the time at both Breakfast and Drive. This slot has a history of large brand attachments, with the likes of Centra and ExpressWay as previous sponsors. But how much will it cost? Well…

  • 3 months come in at a cost of €50,000
  • You can be shouting the time for 6 months for just €85,000
  • And if you want the full year it will cost you €140,000

Obviously an expensive partnership, but one that might be worth it for a brand trying to reach younger audiences.

It’s always interesting to see how much these deals can cost, so hopefully we’ll see more sponsorship ads like this throughout the year.

Read more details here

Dermot Whelan

Finally this week, radio presenter Dermot Whelan is going on tour with a new show to help people take care of their mind. Dermot turned to mindfulness after experiencing a panic attack a number of years ago, and now he’s teaching some of the science behind that as part of a stand up comedy show.

Mindfulness is one of these things people either love or hate, but it’s really cool to see a radio presenter creating a stage show that’s trying to do good

Dermot has spoken about his experience in the article linked below. If mindfulness is for you it might be of interest.

Best of luck to Dermot on the new show from us at Radio Land

Read the story here

Quick Bits

Michaela Hayes is taking over daytimes on Spin

Limerick City community radio is back for another 100 days

Corks Red FM is celebrating 21 years on air

RnaG has a new series on the way about the Irish State

Mairead Ronan is starting a new podcast with Jenny Kelly

Applications for Irish Music month have started showing up ahead of March

A radio presenter from Northern Ireland is taking over hosting Countdown on Channel 4

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.